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Company introduction

Company Modul can be found in Slovenj Gradec, under the green slopes of Pohorje. Our product range in tailored to the needs of customers and divided into the following areas:

  • cardboarding
  • manufacturing of complete parlour games (under a brand Modul or for a known customer)
  • plastic molded parts for standard parlour games or custom designed for each customer
  • metal products from steel, aluminium or white metal parts – flanges, snow protection screens and small parts, custom made
  • screen printing and tampo printing on plastic materials, foils, paper and other materials


Our cardboarding department utilizes three state-of-the-art laminating lines. One of this lines is used for coating, which is applied to manufacture game plans, memory blocks, puzzles and other flat cardboard coated products that are mainly used in parlour games. The line capacity is up to 1,200 products per hour (depending on the size of the pole). The maximum format is of 70 x 100 cm. The other two lines are used to manufacture first-class cardboard coated packages, with capacity up to 1,600 cartons per hour (again, depending on the dimensions). Our hardware enables us to manufacture cartons of size from 60x80x15 mm and up to 450x600x125 mm, therefore we can offer our customers a wide range different sizes. Our quality and production capability is among the top 20 % of manufacturers in Europe, where in adition to high quality production our manufacturing managament ensures short delivery times and competitive prices due to automated high-performance production lines. The process is fully customizable and done according to the demands and specifications of the customer (filling, wrapping, hot printing, …).


Our department for metals is the oldest as the metal business was the first when our company started. The sales proportion of metal products in the structure of total sales is being reduced from year to year. It mainly manufactures flanges for grinding plates and similar metal parts. This department also performs services of carboard cutting.


We achieve over 50% of output with the production on the plastic injection machines. We have also achieved a high degree of confidence in the relation to our customers due to excellent service, good prices, constant quality and regular short delivery times, even with the smaller quantities. This is evidenced by the fact, that we use and store a large amount of capital in the form of tools, which were commisioned by customers and produced by our company and are used to manufacture specific products for them. Up until a few years ago we were mainly focused on manufacturing plastic parts that are an integral component of parlour games, but now a large amount of our output consists of production of complex technical parts for our customers. The specifics of the materials and products used, constant developement, have broadened and strenghtened our experiences and knowledge and enhanced our competitive abilities. In our plastic production facility we have 7 machines for plastic injection (from 50 to 250 tons), one of which is also equipped with a robot, which further increases the productivity.

Screen print and tampo print

A semiautomat with the maximum print size of 1000x700 mm enables us to print 2000 monochrome images per 8 hours. It is used to print boxed windows for suitcases, game planes from felt, apply glue to framed puzzle and to other products according to specific customer requirements.

An automatic line with 650 cycles per hour enables four-color printing with a maximum print size of 360x240 mm and is used for box printing (this is still our main product) and for some complex multi-colored toy printing. This line was built specially for box printing, is fully automated and has virtually no competition in Europe.

For the purpose of printing on small products, used for toys, cotton bags and other items, has our company in 1989 purchased an automatic tampoprinting machine, which allowed up to 2500 monochrome prints in eight hours. In 2004, when the need for more demanding print arose, which does not justify the cost of moving the automated line, have we acquired a tampoprinting machine with a print size of 90 mm, on which a one person can make 2500 bi-color prints in eight hours.


For the purpose of packaging our company has bought a used production line, refined it with the help of our experts, so that we can package larger series of small plastic parts at a significantly lower cost and in substantially less time. Our competitiveness in this area had already been heavily compromised as the cost of manual packaging is just too high and that could lead into losing future business oportunities. Yet smaller quantities are still being manually packaged.

Our company has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, a LGA Institution certificate, which controls the production of toys.

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