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Modul Toys - Parlour games

Parlour games are suitable for home entertainment, different kinds of social parties or even as an amusement in local pubs. We devote a large segment of our offer to these kind of games. Table games are in a state of constant chang...

Modul Toys - Cardboarding

Our cardboarding department utilizes three state-of-the-art laminating lines. One of this lines is used for coating, which is applied to manufacture game plans, memory blocks, puzzles and other flat cardboard coated products that...

Modul Toys - Plastics

We achieve over 50% of output with the production on the plastic injection machines. We have also achieved a high degree of confidence in the relation to our customers due to excellent service, good prices, constant quality and re...

Modul Toys – Screen print and tampoprint

A semiautomat with the maximum print size of 1000x700 mm enables us to print 2000 monochrome images per 8 hours. It is used to print boxed windows for suitcases, game planes from felt, apply glue to framed puzzle and to other prod...

We produce the parts, cut out of white metal plate for application in various  industrial branches:
  • flanges for grinding plates
  • snow barriers
  • pans for cosmetic industry
  • various technical products

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Modul Toys - News

Nova spletna stran

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Vabimo Vas, da si našo spletno stran ogledate ter jo večkrat tudi obiščete. Spoznali boste kdo smo in s čim se ukvarjamo. Našli boste on-line igre s katerimi si lahko krajšate čas, kot...

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Online igre

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Na spletni strani modul-toys.si vam ponujamo spletne online igre iz spletne strani Miniclip.com.Izbirate lahko med raznovrstnimi ...

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Modul Toys - Katalogi

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