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modul Toys - Cardboarding

kartonazaOur cardboarding department utilizes three state-of-the-art laminating lines. One of this lines is used for coating, which is applied to manufacture game plans, memory blocks, puzzles and other flat cardboard coated products that are mainly used in parlour games. The line capacity is up to 1,200 products per hour (depending on the size of the pole). The maximum format is of 70 x 100 cm. The other two lines are used to manufacture first-class cardboard coated packages, with capacity up to 1,600 cartons per hour (again, depending on the dimensions). Our hardware enables us to manufacture cartons of size from 60x80x15 mm and up to 450x600x125 mm, therefore we can offer our customers a wide range different sizes.

Our quality and production capability is among the top 20 % of manufacturers in Europe, where in adition to high quality production our manufacturing managament ensures short delivery times and competitive prices due to automated high-performance production lines. The process is fully customizable and done according to the demands and specifications of the customer (filling, wrapping, hot printing, …).


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