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Modul toys – Screen print and tampoprint


A semiautomat with the maximum print size of 1000x700 mm enables us to print 2000 monochrome images per 8 hours. It is used to print boxed windows for suitcases, game planes from felt, apply glue to framed puzzle and to other products according to specific customer requirements.

An automatic line with 650 cycles per hour enables four-color printing with a maximum print size of 360x240 mm and is used for box printing (this is still our main product) and for some complex multi-colored toy printing. This line was built specially for box printing, is fully automated and has virtually no competition in Europe.

sitotisk_kocke2For the purpose of printing on small products, used for toys, cotton bags and other items, has our company in 1989 purchased an automatic tampoprinting machine, which allowed up to 2500 monochrome prints in eight hours. In 2004, when the need for more demanding print arose, which does not justify the cost of moving the automated line, have we acquired a tampoprinting machine with a print size of 90 mm, on which a one person can make 2500 bi-color prints in eight hours.

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